echoes2I think it’s fairly accepted in the gaming community that Megaman X kicked (and continues to kick) total bum, but the main series itself was beginning to get stale. With the resignation of the original creator, the world needs someone to pick up the torch and create the spiritual successor to Megaman X that the world has been begging for. Batterystaple Games has launched a campaign on Kickstarter that is decidedly intended as a second-coming of the Megaman X glory, Echoes of Eridu.

To get an accurate mental image of Echoes of Eridu, close your eyes and imag- wait, no, open your eyes, you need them to read. Keep your eyes open, but imagine Megaman X. Now, mix in a nice hi-res art style, tons of roguelike elements, and muuuultiplaaaayerrrrr~ I’ve waited so long for those concepts to come together, and as a big fan of Megaman X, I’m really keeping an eye on this campaign. Other features include insane powerups, pre-level loadout customization, and a few others in the stretch goals that would add matchmaking and more playable characters.

For more information on Echoes of Eridu, you can check out Kickstarter, where you’ll find gameplay footage, music, concept art, character descriptions, and backstory. You can also check out the stretch goals and backer rewards to see if this is the right project for you, but if you’re short on cash you can still support the game by voting for it on Steam Greenlight. For Windows PC, it’s Echoes of Eridu.


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