There’s a little something for wrestling enthusiasts out there game-wise now thanks to Rotary Games and their creation, Rudo Resurrection. Rudo Resurrection is a 2.5D side scrolling beat ’em up game but with Chikara wrestlers. Rotary games was able to partner with Chikara and will incorporate their wrestling characters into their game that they’ve spent the past couple of months developing.

All of the wrestling influences will be apparent in the gameplay. Players will be doing moves that we’d expect to see in the ring but no worries, there are other ones in addition for variety. Variety was kept in mind to accommodate the needs of different types of player. There are several different difficulty levels to provide a challenge but there’s less likely to be rage in this matter.


Rudo Resurrection is designed with the love of comics in mind and it shows. The staff at Rotary Games say that they wanted to combine the feel and vibrancy of comic books to give the game not only an attractive appearance but make it unique; the comic style actually appears to blend well with the Chikara.

We can expect a lot of comforting features that resemble older, more traditional beat ’em up games such as special attacks and signature moves. Players can also choose up to three characters to switch between during their battle.


To just fund the game, Rotary Games is seeking $50K in funding through Kickstarter. To achieve the idea they ultimately have in mind for Rudo Resurrection, they’ll need to raise $350K, meeting all stretch goals. The campaign will end June 14 and they’ve already raised about six thousand dollars.


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