When developers bring their projects to one of the crowdfunding platforms it’s usually so they can fund its development. Every now and then, though, a developer will ask backers for money to help fund the completion of a mostly finished product, which is the case with Skara: The Blade Remains. It’s unclear what exactly the $35,000 Skara’s developers are asking for will be used on, but it does appear to be going towards actual development, and not marketing and PR.


A team of veterans from the game development world left their jobs in order to put together Skara. The concept of Skara is pretty unique, and a lot of people are already very excited for its release. A MOV, or multiplayer online versus, Skara will allow up to 16 players can go head to head in a complete bloodbath; free of charge once the final version is released later this year.

The entire objective is to slaughter one another. Players will have skill trees and the ability to upgrade features of their characters, which with the advantage of supporting the Kickstarter project; they’ll have even more currency to play with to get ahead.

By supporting Skara, backers will receive in-game currency as well as a Steam Early Access code once the campaign is over. Since Skara will be a free to play game, giving support to the Kickstarter campaign will merely help them push along the finishing touches to make it to the Steam release in July.


So far, Skara has received some very positive feedback from an already thriving community of fans, as well as fellow indie developers. As a result, 8-bit studios have already raised around $13,000. If it progresses at this rate, we can look forward to a successful campaign and a new, beautiful free to play unity-based game in our future.


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