ward1Times are tough. Stone City has succumbed to the ruthless rule of Nex, a crime overlord. Disgusted with the conditions in the city, four childhood friends, all of whom lived in the James Ward Orphanage, have decided to team up and fight any thugs that dare cross their path.

2BrainGames has come to Kickstarter with a very ambitious co-op brawler project, asking for $45K to put it together. Ward: Nex Rising is inspired by multiple traditional co-op brawler games such as BattleToads and Streets of Rage, utilizing a staging system for each individual fight along with an amazing and exhausting boss battle to work towards on each level. The entire design of the game is intended to be casual player friendly with simplistic controls, but also have gameplay that will bring veteran gamers to the keyboard as well. The actual combat system will be relatively simple just like the classics but each of the four characters have their own unique fighting style that sets them apart from one another.

ward2At the moment, 2BrainGames plans to release Ward: Nex Rising on PC, Mac, and Linux. If certain stretch goals are met we can expect to see it expand to other consoles such as WiiU, PS4, and Xbox One. Regardless, the release date in mind is cruising around fall of 2015. The majority of the funding gained from Kickstarter will dedicated to finalizing all of the art and character animations. Though they’ve raised less than $500 thus far, there’s theoretically still time since funding runs until July 1st.


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