tormentum1Myst was a game that more or less defined the PC gaming experience of an entire generation of people who only really played Myst, and as sarcastic and specific as that sounds, I actually know a ton of people who played Myst, positively loved it to bits, and never really got into anything else. So how is it, exactly, that a game that drew in so many non-gamers and gamers alike sits nearly completely alone in its genre? I mean, let’s face it, aside from half of the games on the Nintendo DS, there aren’t a ton of these open-ended tough-as-nails puzzlers out there. Well, Tormentum smacks of Myst just enough to make it worth your eyeball gaze, regardless of who you are as a gamer.

tormentum2The game draws inspiration from H.R. Giger and Dark Souls, and from the concept art and gameplay shown on IndieGogo, they’re doing a damn good job drawing inspiration from those sources without right out stealing from them. If you’ve ever ached for a dark, atmospheric, tough-as-nails puzzle/adventure game, definitely give this title a look.

tormentum3To check out some gameplay of Tormentum, read a bit of the back story, or see some excellent concept art, you can visit Tormentum’s IndieGogo page. If you’d like to help Tormentum reach its $9,000 goal, you can donate some dollars, share the page with your friends, or go vote for the title on Steam Greenlight. If funding is achieved and the Greenlight is lit, you can expect the game on Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, and Android.


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