weedbazaar3A Kickstarter project looking to cater towards the more… relaxed of the gaming community, WeedBazaar is looking to put a realistic spin on the popular entrepreneur simulator Dope Wars, adding a few new features like the ability to take on different roles in the bustling business of greenery distribution. So, what makes this retelling of the classic Dope Wars worth a look? Well, the features, my friends.

In WeedBazaar, you don’t simply pedal grass to teenagers. You can be the owner of a dispensary, managing stock, distribution, prices, and other aspects of owning a business. You’ll buy the product and sell it to virtual consumers, striving to be the most successful “pharmacy” in town. You can also be a peaceful weed farmer, managing your growing space, baking tasty brownies, and keeping your harvest alive. You can also take on the challenging role of the extractionist, concentrating the good parts of the cannabis plant for sale to dispensary owners. Your goal is to rack up the big bucks and hope and pray that mo’ money doesn’t come complete with mo’ problems.

weedbazaar2If you’d like to give WeedBazaar a try, you can beep bop biddily boo on over to weedbazaar.com and fiddle about with a fully functional demo. If the campaign reaches its modest goal of $2,500, it can be fine-tuned, ported over to iOS and Android, and downloaded by all you aspiring entrepreneurs so you can put yourself in the shoes of a grower, a seller, or just a baker of fine brownies.


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