sunset2It might seem ridiculous today but there was actually a time when a majority of gamers would freak out over titles that prioritized narrative over standard types of “gameplay”. Seriously. Tale of Tales had to deal with confusion and hatred over games such as The Graveyard but times have changed. Now they’re looking to create another game named Sunset.

Sunset focuses on a woman named Angela and takes place in South America during the 70s. Angela had only been visiting when an oppressive regime took away her rights to leave the country. With no other choice, Angela takes a job as a housekeeper to a man named Gabriel. During the course of cleaning the apartment she becomes curious and investigates the home. Through interacting with the environment your actions affect Gabriel in various ways.

sunset1Tale of Tales have named Gone Home and Dear Esther as a similar style of game to what Sunset will be. However, the big difference is that Angela is in the midst of South America’s social unrest under a dictator. She participates in and tweaks what occurs around her, instead of simply viewing a story that has long since ended.

Where will Angela stand during this revolution? Will she participate, hide, or something else? Players are the ones who will make these choices, meaning that everyone should have a different experience while playing Sunset. It’s all very ambitious, but given Tale of Tales’ oeuvre they seem just the team to fulfill Sunset’s many promises.

The Sunset Kickstarter campaign runs until July 17th, and has a funding target of $25,000.


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