Cliqist has covered a little bit of the Pale Blue campaign in the past. How could we resist? An evil mutant-like girl, designed to be a weapon of mass destruction by a man filled with contempt for humanity itself. Pale Blue by Tinker Games is certainly a stealth adventure game with a lot of buzz and anticipation from the Kickstarter community. For once, a game centers around the perspective of the bad guy, thirsty for blood, desperate to cause all sorts of mayhem in the world – rather than the underdog, yearning to remove the power from the villain’s hands. In Pale Blue, players are taken in depth into the mind of the evil and merciless, seeking the truth behind their cruel nature.


It’s no longer about just plain evil. The bad guys have a story to tell.

It is with great happiness that I inform you that Pale Blue has not only been funded but even reached one of their stretch goals: Mac and Linux support, which came from reaching $53K, now we’ll have Pale Blue on multiple platforms. In addition to this wonderful news, now actual and potential backers have the opportunity to play through Pale Blue and get a feel for the it. In Tinker Games’ 8th update about Pale Blue, they revealed a playable prototype. This is a very early version produced during the development but it’s perfect for the backers to have just a teensy taste of the gameplay.  If you can’t download the prototype for some reason, don’t worry, we did a playthrough of it in our YouTube Channel; you can see it for yourself below.


We are in the final day of the Pale Blue campaign and just another $7K is needed to give it that big push for another stretch goal: the addition of a character side story and extra missions. Hopefully Tinker Games can reach it!


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