wearedwarves1Dwarves are a race that gets little attention, but they’re on the brink of extinction since more stars are beginning to fade away. In a Universe unlike ours, with life hardly possible unless they are surrounded by stars; an unknown accident has taken three dwarves, Forcer, Smashfist, and Shadow, to a part of the universe they are unfamiliar with on a mission to find any remaining life of the dwarven race in stars. Here, the dwarves must fight to defend themselves and mingle with strange races of this odd universe.

We are the Dwarves!

Ukraine based indie studio, Whale Rock Games has recently launched a campaign on Kickstarter for their ambitious project, We Are The Dwarves! for PC and Mac. We Are the Dwarves! is a single player tactical game. Played from an Isometric view, players have the ability to control all three dwarves simultaneously. Additionally, with the active game pause option, players can pause the game, speculate their tactics, and organize their offenses before enabling the actions in active mode. But this is no ordinary battlefield, the environment is full of surprises left and right, whether it is special effects or interacting with traps, players can’t help but keep watch on the background.

wearedwarves2Whale Rock Games is asking for $120,000 by August 8th on Kickstarter. There is a working prototype of We Are the Dwarves! but the team still has quite a bit remaining to tackle. With funding, this indie studio will be able to take more time to finish their first gaming project. No information regarding a projected release date and whether or not Steam, Humble Bundle, or GOG will be involved but we’re looking forward to more information in the upcoming updates.


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