joanmadrun2As you may already know, I am easily entertained. I like satisfying, flashy, colorful games that dole out tons of progression in small, rapid doses. I’m also a fan of the “runner” genre that’s dominated the mobile gaming culture for ages. They’re quick little bite-sized games that provide enough feedback to justify a binge or two, and I appreciate that. I also appreciate crisp, thoughtful pixel art, and while there are a couple odd things about the campaign for Joan Mad Run (including some extremely interesting wording), I think it’s definitely worth a look for anyone that enjoys… Ya know, fun.

Basically, you’re Joan. Joan is a full-on mega badass with a large arsenal of creative and well-designed weapons, including a lightsaber, a shrink ray, and a gun that’s basically a pig head. You’ll also get the ability to collect and customize every gun in the game, playing as a variety of characters and gaining different abilities. It’s an upgrade extravaganza, and I can personally vouch for games like this being awesome. In addition to all that, there will be sick bossfights, controller compatibility on mobile devices (along with the ability to stream to your TV), and cross-platform multiplayer across all supported systems.


Speaking of supported systems, if this project is funded, you can get it on Mac, PC, Linux, Android, and iOS, so you’ll never have to be away from what will surely be an addicting game. The best part is, you can get the game upon release for as little as a $15 pledge and it’s projected to be fully finished by September of this year. That’s Joan Mad Run by… Um… “Happymagenta project by IXVAR INC.,” apparently.


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