afterlandlogoOne of the biggest mistakes a developer can make when creating something like a Kickstarter campaign is miscalculating the cost of development. I believe I spoke about this in the past, but it stands to reason that if you don’t ask for enough money, you won’t be able to create the game you want to without making some massive sacrifices. Sometimes, no sacrifice is enough to stretch the money as far you need it to go, and either you release a game that is nowhere near as ambitious as you’d originally planned, or the game is delayed until further funding can be accrued. It happens, and for small studios that simply can’t judge unforeseen expenses, it’s not anyone’s fault. Sometimes, however, a game is seen by the right people, and those people save what might’ve been a completely doomed project.

afterland1After estimating development costs, Imaginary Games set a $32,000 goal for their new hand-painted mobile card game, Afterlife. They managed to surpass their goal by almost $4,000, but looking back, they realistically would’ve needed at least $100,000 and possibly as much as $500,000 due to unforeseen delays, complications, and their optimistic schedule and budget. Does this mean Afterlife is doomed? Well, believe it or not, no! The Canadian Media Fund has come to the rescue, funding Afterlife to completion. The contributions made by the CMF will enable the team to hire 4 more full-time staff and get everything back on schedule.

In addition to that, the developers are busy getting ready for the upcoming Casual Connect conference from July 22nd to the 24th to show their idea off to other casual game developers. Development is expected to resume in September with a full staff and enough funding to bring this game to iOS and Android soon!


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