rainworld2Man, it’s been a little while since we talked about Rain World, here on Cliqist, and I think we’re a bit long overdue for an update. With every Kickstarter campaign comes a slew of emotions: anticipation, excitement, joy, celebration, and satisfaction (hopefully). The backers are on cloud nine if the game is even funded for the most part. But it’s the stretch goals that really ignite some happy feelings and when a publisher steps in to give these projects a helping hand and make these stretch goals a reality, some blissful magic commences among the backers.

In the downtime since we last updated about the progress, the Rain World team has been moving forward with some fruitful pursuits. Back in April, this survival platformer was picked up by no other than Adult Swim Games, what is considered a holy grail for quirky indie-based gaming and eccentrics.

rainworld3After Rain World’s successful campaign back in February, reaching over $63K and knocking out several stretch goals, we had expected to see it expanded to Linux. Now with Adult Swim Games in the picture, PSN, PS Vita, and many more console options are outputs for Rain World thanks to its support.

At the moment. Joar and James have a playable alpha completed, which they showed off at PAX East a few months back. Now, they’ve made the switch to Unity and will be completely remaking Rain World from scratch. this time much bigger and better than before. There is no further information regarding a potential release date or when backers can test out a Beta but we will make sure to report on it as soon as it’s available.


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