tormentum3On Sunday, July 20th, scarily demented adventure game Tormentum: Dark Sorrow hit its funding goal with twelve days still in the campaign. Now, at the time of this writing, the campaign has already raised an extra $1K on IndieGogo and it seems like we’re going to see at least one stretch goal hit in the coming days. To help with that funding effort the developers at OhNoo Studio just released a husky demo of their point and click nightmare, which you can download here.

tormentum2Having been successfully Greenlit on Steam, and funded on IndieGogo, the only thing holding you back from playing the full version of Tormentum is for the IndieGogo campaign to end, and for the team to work for the next 20 weeks to finish things up.  That’s provided things go according to plan of course.  However, we’re pretty optimistic that they will given the overall quality of the demo.  Check out Nathaniel’s playthrough of the demo below and see for yourself.  If you like what you see you’ve still got time to back the project and help it hit some stretch goals; including a $19k one that will dub the dialog in English and Polish.


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