CalltotheTurnabout2The Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney series of games is one that captivated the hearts and minds of many handheld gamers upon its release, and even though people are excited about the next installment to this day, the unique and engaging gameplay elements from this series have remained largely untouched by other developers. They’re courtroom and crimescene games where you’ll adventure around various areas looking for evidence and talking to suspects, all culminating in a courtroom questioning sequence where you use the gathered evidence against the guilty party. It’s a deeply interesting and mentally stimulating experience, and now Procella Games is taking the genre by storm with their first major project, Call to the Turnabout.

Call to the Turnabout is a Phoenix Wright-style game that features the story of one Storm Sente, a young law student called upon in a time of great tragedy to defend the innocent from a ruthless cult. Procella is very up-front about the game’s clear roots of inspiration, and follows very much the same structure, so if you’ve ever played a Phoenix Wright game, you’ll be right at home alternating between crimescene and courtroom. The Kickstarter page for Call to the Turnabout shows intent to introduce innovative gameplay mechanics and five episodes, each longer and more complex than the last.

CalltotheTurnabout3Call to the Turnabout is a really unique project, and no fan of crimescene/courtroom games can afford to pass this one up. Go ahead and visit Kickstarter, they have some gameplay, some artwork, and some really nice music along with a story breakdown and some predictions about development and release. If you’re short on cash but love the idea here, keep an eye on Steam Greenlight – it should be up for voting soon. If funded, an extended demo is slated for release in November of this year, with a full game to be released during the first half of 2015 on PC and Mac.


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