Gauntlet Goes Roguelike In Caverns of Travencore


travencore1With Caverns of Travencore, there is a sense of familiarity combined with something unique and unexpected. Caverns of Travencore, created by Michael Langford and illustrated by James from JamoGames, is an RPG Rogue-like in an open world where no playthrough is the same. Players choose between four different characters, each who have a unique storyline and character-specific quests, though it will exceed a 50 count. There is a skill limitation, granting players only the skills available with the character of their choosing and without relying on XP, players can upgrade their abilities through frequency of skill usage instead. Everything about Caverns of Travencore will be randomly regenerated and there will never be a lacking of enemies to face, regardless of where you explore. Caverns of Travencore should be filled with plenty of content for players to entertain themselves with.

travencore2Michael Langford has been working on Caverns of Travencore for a long time on his own and exhausted all the funds he could put towards it. In hopes of financial assistance, he has taken Caverns of Travencore to Kickstarter, aiming to raise $18K AUD by September 4th. The game has also made its way to Steam Greenlight but still requires much support to get it on Steam. Considering around $175 has already been raised in the first days of the campaign, things are off to a decent start.

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