ShadowHunter1I love a good free-to-play game, and if you’re a gamer on a budget, you probably do too. Either that, or you wish that the free-to-play scene was a little less expensive, and while many “free” games nickle and dime you to death, one game out there is 100% free, and there’s not a micropurchase to be found. That game is Shadow Hunter, and it’s a really cool concept. Its original Kickstarter failed, so it’s now free “as is”, but I think it’s worth a look. You discover a room, one tile at a time, dealing with various obstacles, picking locks, and fighting off the darkness. Recently, the game was made free for all to download and enjoy, and you can click right here to do so, but what if I told you it might be better to wait? After all, you wouldn’t want to spoil the adventure right before it became even more epic…

That’s right, folks and folk-ettes. Shadow Hunter, the frankly underrated dungeon exploration game is pulling up its humble, low-res roots to turn into an ent and expand its dominion. Translated from nonsense, that means that an expansion of sorts is seeking funding, but it’s up to us to decide how much of an expansion it really is. The first funding goal is $6,000, and after that, more and more will be added through additional campaigns, and the developer at Simple Distractions seems very determined to see Shadow Hunter meet its full potential.

ShadowHunter2The combination of roguelike exploration and puzzle mechanics is a unique and interesting one, and I know that a lot of you would be interested in checking this out. You can download the PC demo right here, check out the Kickstarter, and maybe even donate for a shirt and a chance to see this unique concept come to life the way it was originally intended.


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