24killers1Todd Luke has over 20 games under his belt and he’s got another one in the works – this time it’s on Kickstarter. 24 Killers is a simulator roguelike game he created in Flash for the 7 Day Roguelike Challenge back in 2013. This idea was so successful that Todd decided to make it a full blown game, which he has been working on since the early months of this year.

24 Killers puts the players in the position of someone who’s received a mysterious letter, granting them possession of a stranger’s estate. When they arrive, they soon discover that the location is dreadfully haunted and is terrorizing the townspeople. First the house, then the entire island is filled with horrific and strange monsters that are desperate to feel life again. Unfortunately, it never does the trick for them and it is up to the player to help them pass on. As players do so, a strange mystery reveals itself about the cause of their death and soon we’re wondering: who are the 24 killers?

24killers2Todd has been developing this game completely solo for the majority of the year and needs $4K to finish off the remaining art assets, programming, and music. 24 Killers is currently on Steam Greenlight and still needs votes to make it. There isn’t a specific beta release or projected release date revealed yet but we would suspect it isn’t far away. According to Todd, 24 Killers is in its prototype stage and is playable from beginning to end at this point, however, it’s missing a lot of important parts for it to be as awesome as he envisions.

So far, roughly $3K has been raised. If it continues funding at this rate, we’ll need to keep an eye out for stretch goals.


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