Sometimes, video games with vast, weaving narratives are enjoyable to play. Other times, all you want is a fast, frantic brawler for immediate enjoyment. Warlocks falls into the latter camp as an action RPG and brawler hybrid where you play as one of ten unique characters.

Each character has their own unique skillset and look. Although you can take on Warlocks alone, it appears that developer One More Level are pushing for multiplayer as the main way to play. You can hit up a game via local or online modes and play with up to four friends. Although I’ve not tried it myself, many con-goers seem to enjoy the fast-paced nature of the game.

Right now the plan is to release Warlocks in Early Access this November with full release intended for April 2015. Oftentimes it is dangerous to even place an estimated date on Kickstarter projects. However, the game already has a lovely pixel art aesthetic and appears to have compelling gameplay already. Hopefully this means they will reach their anticipated dates, but if not, they certainly won’t be the first to mis-estimate.


One More Level has targeted Windows, Mac, and Linux for Warlocks but are open to console versions as well. In particular, they have pegged PlayStation 4 and Xbox One as possible candidates. If you’d love to see console ports then be sure to make your voice heard with a comment on their page. Warlocks needs $25,000 in funding for a successful campaign and they’re well on their way.


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