Have you heard of the game Pathologic before? In the West, the game isn’t massively well known, though there is a devoted following for it. This is in part because the 2005 game was never officially released in Western territories (outside of a more recent version). In either case, the experience deserves a wider audience which is why a remake of Pathologic is immensely exciting.

This new version of Pathologic will still retain the elements that made the game such a stand out product initially. Players will get to select from one of three characters, each of whom has their own place in the world and actions. The story is still focused around a town that is slowly being destroyed by the Sand Plague. You get to research the disease, speak with NPCs and help or harm them, and try to stay alive along the way. No matter what you choose to do, there will always be things occurring elsewhere in the town which you have no control over. As things grow more dire, you may even find yourself infected.


Choices and survival are the core of Pathologic. What changes will be implemented? NPCs will have better AI, more realistic behavior patterns for the plague itself, new quests, new plotlines, better graphics, and more impressive localization. Those looking for an incredibly long (playthroughs are estimated at 70+ hours) survival adventure game should definitely give Pathologic a look. Either nab yourself a 2005 copy to prepare, or pledge toward the $250,00 goal on its remake. There was nothing like it on the game market back then and there still isn’t now. This time around PC (Windows, Mac, and Linux) players will share the experience with PlayStation 4 and Xbox One owners as well.


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Marcus Estrada
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Marcus Estrada


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