Why aren’t westerns more popular in video game format? Sure, there’s a few here and there but not a ton overall. Six Miles Under is a new project looking to take on a western style to the fullest with a story about truth and revenge. In Six Miles Under, a nuclear apocalypse occurred which led survivors to seek shelter underground. In this underground city a man named Preston Trencher has been enforcing law and order on behalf of the Family. However, some must have plotted against him as one day he is suddenly shot in an ambush.

Preston needs to know the truth – and enact his revenge in the process. As such, Six Miles Under is a 2D beat ’em up with a host of combat options. Although much of what that means hasn’t been detailed yet, Loony Bin Studios have mentioned a diverse counter system, weapons, environmental hazards, and more as part of their “dynamic fight system.” One thing that is readily apparent from the Kickstarter page is how visually distinctive it looks. All of the characters are cast purely in black shadow while backdrops exhibit post apocalyptic-tinged landscapes. Sure, it’s a little Limbo-esque but it seems to work here!


With an alpha already under their belts, the developers hope a successful campaign will help speed the process along. Funding for Six Miles Under is set at £20,000 (around $32,800). Unlike most campaigns, this will be used to fund not only Windows, Mac, and Linux versions but a Wii U one as well.


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Marcus Estrada


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