Dungeon crawlers with roguelike elements are basically everywhere right now, both on PC and consoles. As such, you’ve got to do something special to get people to pay attention. Kraden’s Crypt attempts to break out of the pack with a few differences. For one, it has a cartoon-styled art style rather than focusing on pixel art like most. However, its most distinguishing characteristic is one you can’t see through pictures alone. In this game you control weapon attacks by clicking and dragging with your mouse. Most games (both in and out of the dungeon crawling world) utilize far simpler button presses to carry out attacks.

For example, to swing a sword 360 degrees around the character for a spin attack you’ll actually have to move your mouse in circles. Similarly, slashing attacks mean the mouse must be thrust left or right to mimic the motion. Building up the momentum necessary for powerful attacks – and properly executing them – is your way to victory. Different weapons have different properties (speed, strength, etc) and handle in specific ways. If the mouse controls seem too tiring, there’s also a controller mode. In this control scheme the analog sticks are used to replicate the motion-based control.


Kraden’s Crypt offers co-op as well for up to four players. Although they only have local co-op implemented at the moment, they hope a successful campaign will allow them to work out online functionality. So far, it seems like an ambitious product but one that they’ve already put a great deal of work into. The team is asking for £20,000 (approximately $32,200) to release the game for Windows, Mac, and Linux. Curious parties should give the Kraden’s Crypt demo a look!


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