It’s hard to believe that there was a time before fancy games existed on smartphones and other mobile devices but it was definitely the case! More recently, a whole host of addictive, fun, and even complex titles have shown up – but most are single player experiences. Striker Arena is an attempt by developer Wizcorp to bring competitive two player gaming to iPad. This soccer game allows for two players to play against each other in a surprisingly violent rendition of the sport.

Striker Arena is described as a “tactical-action soccer game” so where does the tactical bit come in? It appears at times the game is played via turn-based controls. This makes sense as you’ll have two people hovering over a single iPad together. That doesn’t seem to leave too much room for simultaneously play. However, it appears certain actions will be performed in real time. When you have the ball, you take offensive action, but while the other player possesses it your controls switch over to defensive maneuvers. In either case, you’ll play the entire thing with taps and swipes so there’s no need for any external peripherals.


One feature that’s always personally perturbed me in soccer games is obeying the rules. As I don’t really know them it is always a hindrance on play. Luckily for players like this, Striker Arena has no fouls. That leaves tons of room for players to be super rude (in game) to each other. The funding goal is set at $5,000 – but at $5,500 Striker Arena will also come to Android devices.




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