principia3Principia is an adventure-based puzzle and physics sandbox where just about anything is possible. This is your terrain, the place of robots, where trees can be grown and machinery constructed. Just about anything you can think of is creatable at your fingertips. This idea is original, unique, and already building a solid community.

In the adventure mode, players are a little robot exploring the world around them all by their lonesome, just scoping out any robots in the area and taking on whatever evil ‘bots may be hanging around. This is a dark time. Ages past the end of humanity. Each robot can be broken apart and changed, including yours, and a fancy hat or interesting tool and weapon are always interesting and aesthetically humorous additions. As stated before, this sandbox centers around creation and creativity. The physics engine Principia is designed in allows every object to be completely interactable. With over 200 objects to toy with, players have a broad variety of combinations and structures to put together. Players are given ultimate freedom, including creating advanced robotic beings and actually scripting in Principia (using the programming language Lua). Principia is welcoming of moderation.

principia2Bithack is a small Swedish game development team and the creators of Principia. Bithack was successful with their previous game for Android devices, Apparatus. Now they’ve put their concentration on Principia and with the funds acquired from Apparatus, they’ve been funding the development on their own successfully for the time being. But now Bithack has turned to IndieGoGo for $105K to fund the rest of the development, which includes server costs, three months of development, writers, art, and music. At the moment, a demo version of Principia is available on their site.


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