dinosword1It was an average day for a little green dinosaur by the name of Chompy. Perfectly comfortable and normal until he read the paper. His impending doom was stamped in bold, black lettering – an asteroid was fast approaching Earth and Chompy had to do something about it. There’s only one solution to a disaster of this amplitude, but is it real?

Does the Dinosword exist?

The livelihood of Dinosaurs is at risk and Chompy has been chosen to find the legendary Dinosword, which may solve their extinction problem. It’s up to the players to scour through Meteora and save the day.

Dinosword is a platformer that just screams retro in every way possible. It is inspired by Clash at Demonhead, Donkey Kong Country, and Zelda 2 – and it shows. From the vibrant pixel art to the lowbit music to the gameplay itself. This game would fit perfectly a few decades back.

dinosword2This action adventure game’s main component is exploration. Dinosword contains 25 different stages on Chompy’s home planet, Meteora, each filled with unique enemies and an interactive environment. This is more than hacking and slashing, there is a bit of puzzle play in each level and items that will unlock more places to explore.

Years ago, Jeremy Lowther revisited pixel artwork and created an early version of Dinosword for an art show. Since, he has been working on it in his free time. Now, he’s teamed up with a programmer and musician/composer to finish Dinosword. To open up more time to work on Dinosword, Jeremy has launched a Kickstarter campaign, aiming to raise $16K – which will cover the remainder of development, software and hardware, rewards, and any taxes/fees.

The campaign will conclude October 19th.

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