fortunestavern2Let’s talk about a game jam packed with features. I mean loaded with them. Just when you thought there was nothing else to you, turns out you can fight a horde a zombies. This game is full of just about anything you can think of. Welcome to Fortune’s Tavern, friends.

The times are tough. War has broken out into the world and Mathias Gambridge inherits his family tavern. The tavern is in rough shape and needs a player’s touch, so here we are, building it back up again. Fortune’s Tavern is a fantasy tavern simulator taking place in real time. Things seem relatively simple at first for the player, simply constructing additional bedrooms and designing a menu but soon they are faced with tiring (and quirky) tasks.

Ghosts are haunting the tavern! Bandits and soldiers are infiltrating! Zombies want to feast upon your patrons’ brains! Two visitors dislike each other and it’s time to brawl! So many conflicts.

fortunestavern1All in all – players must build up their tavern and defend it, both financially and structurally, to make things work. And when they tire of the simulation part, there is a main storyline concerning the warfare in the world that lasts roughly 25 hours with multiple endings. Or players could give raising pets a go as well.

The idea for Fortune’s Tavern sparked during Michael Flynn’s Latin and Medieval Studies at school and it evolved into a full game. Ever since, he’s built Fortune’s Tavern up to its Alpha stage. Now, he’s turning to Kickstarter for a small financial boost of £2,800 to pay for artwork and storyboard artists to refine the main story arc.

Flynn intends to release Fortune’s Tavern during Q2 of 2015 for PC.

You can track Fortune’s Tavern’s campaign progress on our calendar.


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