greengame1It all started with three very important questions the Green Game team asked themselves:

Are we okay with the direction that Earth is “rotating”?

Are we inclined to leave it the way it is?

Are we doing anything about this?

With that, an idea for an incredible project sparked.

Developed for PC, iOS and web browsers is Green Game is a puzzle/collection game about cleaning up the world, literally. Players start in Europe and participate in multiple environment cleaning activities that will cleanse the area of all pollution and garbage. Players will then hop from location to location, city by city, and country by country, cleaning up the world itself and teaching people about recycling.

In each level, players will collect garbage, typically in the path following an individual who is littering all over the level, and cleanse the city in a limited amount of time. After they collect their garbage, in a separate activity, they will sort it accordingly. Once the cities are cleaned, they will transform into colorful, vibrant locations on the map. Trees will mark which states or countries are cleaned.

greengame2This game is intended to educate people about cleaning the planet and being eco-friendly, especially children. But to make a game of this caliber requires a little bit of help. To which the team has turned to Kickstarter for $80K to fund the remainder of development (roughly 6-8 months), especially the programming, artwork gameplay, and music. By turning to Kickstarter, this team plans to build a community for Green Game which will bring more people together for the cause.

After the release of Green Game, the team plans to start a non-profit organization that will fight against the environmental problems that Green Game touches base on and improve the environment.

We have a responsibility to take care of this planet and those who inhabit it and Green Game may just be one of the many stepping stones needed to make that happen. If you’re interested in helping out their cause, check out their Kickstarter page! The campaign will end October 24th.

Track the progress of Green Game in our Campaign Calendar.


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