Immense amounts of survival horror games have come out over the years, with more each month. As of late we’ve seen many follow in the footsteps of titles like Slender: The Eight Pages. But horror can be so much more! Project Extract is aware of this and have devised a very unique new title: Extract 237. In Extract 237 you play as Dr. Winters, who had been searching off the Antarctic coast for her father. Unfortunately, she is at the wrong place at the wrong time. At this moment a gigantic, ancient creature was inadvertently awoken by humans and is now gobbling up everything in its path. Dr. Winters, ship and all, gets consumed.

Extract 237 takes place inside this cavernous creature. You must guide Dr. Winters through the strange insides in hopes of getting out alive. Of course, it can’t just be that easy. As with horror games there must be obstacles to overcome. Some of these are in the form of environmental obstructions (stomach bile, etc). Just as you’ve survived, so too have others – unfortunately they are not as friendly. Enemies in the form of mutated, partially-digested humans will attempt to stop you. These disgusting designs clearly evoke icky feelings in players which is great for a good horror experience.


The team has already created a demo of Extract 237 and hope to use Kickstarter funds to complete their project. This would include fleshing out the storyline, adding more abilities for affecting the environment, and other updates. Although the game is only pegged for Windows PCs at the moment, if they can reach over the $250,000 goal then a port to PlayStation 4 or Xbox One may be in the cards.

You can track the progress of the Extract 237 Kickstarter on our Campaign Calendar.


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Marcus Estrada


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