If you’re a fan of space games then you might have heard of (or even enjoyed playing!) Lifeless Planet. Back in 2011, designer David Board sucessfully funded his story-driven sci-fi game on Kickstarter. With so many people intriguied it ended up raising 200% of the initial goal. After many have played through his game, David is back on Kickstarter but for something very unique. This time he’s asking for $20,000 to fund a short film called Lifeless Planet: Arrival.

As the name implies, this is a film based around the video game when the spaceship first lands. In this way the game’s storyline can have a new chance to shine as well as being fleshed out much more than the game initially allowed. Wayside Creations will be producing the film and have estimated the short film’s length at 4-7 minutes in all.


Do you think that seems far too minimal? If Lifeless Planet: Arrival receives enough funding this could always be subject to change. Those intrigued by a Lifeless Planet short film should take a look at Wayside Creations’ previous work to get a feel for their skill at adapting games to film. Both Fallout: Red Star and Fallout: Nuka Break series were created by this team. All in all this is a very intriguing project and I hope that the Lifeless Planet community is anything but “lifeless” toward funding it.

To help familiarize yourself with the world of Lifeless Planet be sure to read our review of the game.

Track the progress of the Lifeless Planet: Arrival Kickstarter by heading over to our Campaign Calendar.


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