It’s always fun to watch how video games go through waves of genre interest. While we’re still seeing a sustained push toward crafting or roguelike titles, Metroidvanias are also coming up. Golden Hour is a brand new game of the genre which offers some unique features as well as classic aspects. On the retro front, it features highly detailed pixel art. Players will also get to experience the intriguing story of four main cast members as they play. Most interesting to me are two facets: a RPG leveling system and destructible environments.

The RPG leveling system is easy enough to comprehend. After leveling up, you increase a character’s battle, crafting, and secondary skills. But what about that whole destructible environments thing? One example showcases the player shooting a bow at a gigantic chandelier. It then falls and smushes enemies who were unluckily underneath at that moment. Obviously, this is just a very basic example of an exciting concept. If the environment has many manipulable aspects then this will definitely help Golden Hour set itself apart from the crowd.


So far, Golden Hour looks to have a lot of work already done via its impressive art style and detailed storyline. Now it’s up to Metroidvania genre fans to push it all the way to a $30,000 goal. Right now the game is only pegged for PC release (with no OS specified – presumably Windows). Finally, unlike many PC game campaigns, Golden Hour is already confirmed for Steam!

Track the progress of the Golden Hour Kickstarter by heading over to our Campaign Calendar.


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Marcus Estrada


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