Wake The Dreamer looked like an interesting Kickstarter video game, unfortunately it didn't reach its funding goal. What's going on with it now?We’ve covered Wake the Dreamer multiple times here on Cliqist, including a preview and even an interview with Ali Sakhapour, Wake the Dreamer’s creator. Back in August, Ali launched the Kickstarter campaign for Wake the Dreamer but unfortunately only $948 of the $50K funding goal was raised.

Since then, Ali has been working on another project during the development of Wake the Dreamer: a mobile game by the name of Proxies. Developed for iOS and Android just like Wake the Dreamer, Proxies isn’t your typical pet simulation game. Proxies follows weather patterns and studies the player’s treatment of their Proxie and influences how these pets evolve and grow. The Proxies, much like ordinary pets and children, require nourishment, attention, and even medical care. If neglected, they may die. Aside from that, players have free-reign customization over their Proxie and the environment as well.

It appears that Ali’s sticking to the tomagotchi-esque game design and maintaining development of Wake the Dreamer. There is no word yet concerning the financial support of Wake the Dreamer and how much longer development will continue but until then, Proxies is just about to be completed and released on the App markets – completely void of in app purchasing.

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