Youropa is a gravity defying puzzle platformer currently funding on KickstarterThe puzzle platforming genre is packed full of games and I for one have enjoyed many of them. With that said, it’s hard to recall too many games that offer gameplay mechanics of the same style that Youropa presents. In this game, you play as a tiny little Youropean in a floating Paris-inspired city named Youropa.  For whatever reason, these people have suction cups instead of feet. This genetic advantage allows them to climb on walls or even walk on ceilings. Of course, super sticky feet doesn’t mean you’re impervious to the effects of gravity. If the player jumps while upside down, well, they’re going to fall off the ceiling.

Such a simple gameplay mechanic can be used in many ways, and developer Frecle showcases just a few options. There’s more to Youropa than walking about to solve puzzles, as well. Along your journey you’ll run across a variety of enemies. So far these are shown as a giant cyclops and a dog. Both will run after you, though you’re usually not required to take them down. One way to stop baddies is by removing their coat of paint. Damage, as well as being sprayed by water, will remove paint. With that said, enemies and traps can do the same to you. If you fall from too great a distance or are splashed by tons of water you’ll lose!

Youropa is a gravity defying puzzle platformer currently funding on KickstarterOne cool aspect of the paint gameplay is that all players will be able to design their own visual look for characters. They’ll also have access to a map builder to create new stages. Frecle is asking for kr2,000,000 (about $270,000) to Kickstart Youropa for Windows PCs.

Track the progress of the Youropa Kickstarter in our Campaign Calendar.

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