Silent Hill Meets Ghost Hunting in Sylvio, a paranormal action game on KickstarterKickstarter is finally reaching out to Sweden! And one of the first games launched on Swedish Kickstarter is Sylvio. Sylvio takes ghost hunting and explorative horror to a completely different level. Who wouldn’t play the role as a paranormal investigator? Love Silent Hill? Love ghost hunting? I bring you, Sylvio.

An audio recorder, specializing in the paranormal, visits a closed off family park. Saginaw has been closed in 1971 due to a deadly storm and has yet to reopen. Juliette Waters is curious but unaware of Sylvio, the curse of Saginaw’s forests coined by Italian settlers. Upon exploring, she becomes trapped in the park and things start to get unusual. Voices keep appearing on Juliette’s recordings and they’re a bit peculiar. Just what really happened at Saginaw all those years ago?

Sylvio is a first person horror game in which the player explores an abandoned park and utilize EVPs to feel their way around. This is the project of Swedish game developer Niklas Swanberg and he’s been working on it for about two years. Players take on the role of Juliette and search for the truth behind Saginaw and its ghostly inhabitants.

Sylvio is just about completed and it’s promised to be a large game planned for release in early 2015. Niklas wants to reach out to magazines, gaming journalists, and gaming enthusiasts about Sylvio and give them the opportunity to play it. For that, Niklas has launched a Kickstarter campaign, aiming to raise kr10K SEK. This money is to cover the creation and shipping fees. Additionally, the Kickstarter campaign gives Sylvio more exposure and creates a community.

Track the progress of the Sylvio Kickstarter on our Campaign Calendar.

Julie Morley
Julie Morley is a freelance writer and comic artist from Spring, Texas. She attended the Academy of Art University for two years, studying Animation and Illustration. Whilst here, she learned about writing comic scripts, storyboards, and general storytelling. Since leaving college, she has been working on personal comic projects, stories, and illustrations. She aspires to release a self published comic within two years. For the majority of her life, she has been playing console games, typically being third-person shooters and sandboxes. Her favorite game of existence is Dark Cloud II (Dark Chronicle) and her favorite Indie game is Gone Home.
Julie Morley