he Adventures of 00-Dilly is a casual, jump and run game on Kickstarter featuring an overweight crash test dummyLong ago, fifty years to be exact, a very special and very overweight dummy was created for military crash tests. Unfortunately, his little “weight” problem was a bit of an obstacle and he was taken to the junkyard without a second thought. Alone and forgotten, our dummy friend 00-Dilly decides to take up their challenge and prove he’s just as good as your typical military crash dummy.

Now in the Grand Canyon, 00-Dilly tries to prove himself through a series of absurd obstacles, never refusing any test. Along the way, he will collect various objects, rack up points, and try to get an amazing grade by the conclusion of the course. This is The Adventures of 00-Dilly.

he Adventures of 00-Dilly is a casual, jump and run game on Kickstarter featuring an overweight crash test dummyThe Adventures of 00-Dilly is a casual 3D obstacle and jump and run game designed with every player in mind. Developed by multi-continental indie studio, Light in JAR, 00-Dilly is planned for release on Steam for PC and Mac, and for mobile devices both Android and iOS. Through the manipulation of mouse movements or screen touching, players can maneuver 00-Dilly throughout the course and accumulate points. Along the way, more interesting objects will unlock, allowing the player to expand the way Dilly conducts his tests (i.e. a rocket into the sky or shooting out of a canon).

This team has been working on The Adventures of 00-Dilly for some time now and have launched a Kickstarter campaign, asking for $45K to mainly cover Marketing and PY and programming among other miscellaneous financial obligations for The Adventures of 00-Dilly’s development. If certain stretch goals are met, the mobile releases will be sped up and even an Adventures of 00-Dilly sequel is in store.

Track the progress of the Adventures of 00-Dilly Kickstarter in our Campaign Calendar.

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