A story based platformer video game on Kickstarter about altering physical reality to solve puzzles.Are you a fan of puzzle platformers that allow you to manipulate gravity? If so, then allow me to introduce you to Ember. This title by two-man team Prantare is the latest platformer to hit Kickstarter. It stars a girl named Emilie who somehow has the power to manipulate gravity in the world. Without any effort at all, she can cause a giant boulder to flip 180 degrees and float to the ceiling. Of course, she can also utilize these skills on herself to circumvent ground or ceiling-based barriers.

A story based platformer video game on Kickstarter about altering physical reality to solve puzzles.The first thing you’ll likely notice about Ember though is the art style. Although not entirely monochromatic, it is pretty dark in visual tone. Chances are this relates to the storyline of Emilie and her powers, but the developers aren’t revealing any bit of the storyline just yet. One promise states that every puzzle in the game will be unique and even offer some sort of insight into the story as players progress. Achieving such goals will definitely help to make the game stand out against its genre brethren.

Ember is being developed with Windows and Linux PCs in mind (sorry Mac owners!). Currently, the game isn’t on Steam Greenlight, but we’ll probably see this become the case as backers begin to ask for it. There were a few early bird reward tiers, but they’re already gone! Ember requires kr19,000SEK (about $2,500) to make its Kickstarter campaign a success.

Track the progress of the Ember Kickstarter on our Campaign Calendar.

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