Words are Power is a new Kickstarter video game mixing elements of word games, adventure games, and 1940's era sexism.The 1940s were a very different time in America than what we’re used to today. Back then, there were many expectations and stereotypes about women which kept them out of many lines of work. Words are Power brings gamers into the U.S. during 1946. Our protagonist, a reporter, has just returned from her duties as a war correspondent. However, when she spies something nefarious going on in Washington D.C. it becomes a struggle to put this information to print. Her issues are no longer the coverage itself, but the men along the way who inhibit her ability to do the job.

Words are Power is a new Kickstarter video game mixing elements of word games, adventure games, and 1940's era sexism.As the story unfolds, players get to interrogate other characters to learn more. There are also points at which you must choose which path to take when a choice presents itself. For example, should the protagonist write under a male pseudonym (and be taken seriously) or likely have her article glossed over because she’s not an established male writer? Now, how does this type of storyline fit in with gameplay? Gameplay takes cues from Scrabble or Words with Friends where you assemble words with a given set of letters. However, Words are Power manipulates the formula a little to add more strategic elements as well.

Words are Power is the kind of game that I’m excited to see exist, and hope that others will give it a look as well. The team is asking for $40,000 CAD (about $35,000) to make it a reality on Windows and Mac machines. Issues of sexism may not be as obvious today, but hopefully players of Words are Power can realize that there are still issues we must overcome.

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