Melee: Battlegrounds is a medieval action game on Kickstarter that puts the player in the midst of dramatic medieval warfare.Despite a childhood obsession with everything medieval, I can’t say that most games pulling from that timeframe have ever intrigued me. Most of them were simply too rigid or gave you too much control. All I wanted to be was one combatant on a massive battlefield. A few games meet this goal but Melee: Battlegrounds looks to be the most intense medieval combat game yet – if it can fulfill all its promises. The game is styled as a spiritual successor to the cRPG mod for Mount & Blade Warband, for those of you curious about its history. However, this title will be a completely separate product and not a mod of an existing product.

Melee: Battlegrounds offers players complete control over their character. There are no predefined classes meaning you can take on whatever role you see fit whenever. Similarly, weapons are open to all players for use. If you want a two handed axe then go for it! Heck, even throwing rocks at others is fair game. You’ll also find a variety of game modes to choose from. Duel is one on one (or group versus group) and probably best played by players looking to hone their skills. Siege mode, on the other hand, allows tons of people to assault a castle and overtake it. Finally, players can customize the look of their character with different types of armor and clothes which in turn affect stats.

Melee: Battlegrounds is a medieval action game on Kickstarter that puts the player in the midst of dramatic medieval warfare.

As you might expect, the funding goal for such an impressive online multiplayer experience is high. Melee: Battlegrounds requires $130,000 for a successful Kickstarter. If all goes well, it will be available on PC and even come with modding tools when the alpha launches.

Track the progress of the Melee: Battlegrounds Kickstarter in our Campaign Calendar.

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