Yes, Your Grace is a new strategy and text video game crowdfunding on Kickstarter

Being a king (or queen) is not all it’s cracked up to be. In Yes, Your Grace you take the role of Grey King Eryk. As a king, you aren’t going to see action on the battlefield or even really ever leave your castle. Instead, you sit on your throne each day listening to the procession of visitors who wish to have a word. This is a strange, but compelling take on the strategy genre.

You’ll get to choose whether to feed a town when peasants complain of hunger, or choose where to send your troops when word comes that an enemy is approaching. Basically any decisions that will in some way effect your kingdom rely on you. As you allocate resources, they slowly become more scarce, making each decision all that harder to finalize. There are a few tricks up your sleeve, though. For example, you can make wizards enhance your crop yield. Although the game might have a feeling of a semi-historical medieval experience, there’s still a fair bit of fantasy thrown in as well.

Yes, Your Grace is a new strategy and text video game crowdfunding on KickstarterEach decision you make in Yes, Your Grace matters. Thanks to a Dynamic Perception System (DPS) you’ll never be able to escape poor decisions you make. Basically, your actions as a king determine how everyone perceives you. In the worst case scenario it appears they may desire another king. Curious to see how you’d fare as a ruler? Yes, Your Grace needs to secure £6,000 (about $9,400) in funding to successfully reach its Kickstarter goal.

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