We here at Cliqist love crowdfunded games, but we are gamers just like you guys, and that means we play, well, everything. The “Not Crowdfunded, But…” series will be a regular dose of non-crowdfunded magic from us to you, covering everything from the latest Gears of Halo Theft Auto 5: Bad Creed Warfare Company XIII-2 Sonic’s Return to indie hits and obscure retro titles. Anything goes! The staff here at Cliqist votes on submissions (which you can enter!) and once we have it narrowed down, we do the review!

That’s right, folks, if you have any ideas for games you’d like to see us cover, send us an email at greg@cliqist.com and we’ll add your submission to our own. At that point, our staff will vote and we’ll have stuff to write! Feel free to make multiple submissions (of different games, of course)! Since we’ve been populating our YouTube channel lately, you might even get to see some of our staff bumble around with your favorite games!


Never Alone is an atmospheric puzzle platformer from  Upper  one Games and  E-Line Media, its our Not Crowdfunded, But game for November 2014With the flood of games that get released in November you would think that deciding this months Non Crowdfunded game would have been a tough decision, but it wasn’t.  Never Alone is striking on several levels, from its breathtaking art, intriguing story, all the way to the interesting backstory of its development.  How could we choose anything else?

11/26 – Never Alone Reviewed

11/27 – Inspiring Game Developers with Never Alone

11/28 – Never Alone Strategy Guide

11/29 – The Art of Never Alone

11/30 – A Brief History of Native American Representation in Video Games


Interested to see what other non-crowdfunded games we’ve featured?  Sure you are!  They’re right here.

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