Absent II is a retro style point and click adventure game that's crowdfunding on Kickstarter.Absent is a game with a bit of a history. The ideas for it first came to creator James Fenton when he created a student film of the same name in 2010. Shortly after, work began on creating an adventure game with the same style. Last year Absent arrived as a free download on Desura. But what was this game about? It focused around a cast of friends at a college where student disappearances began occurring. This incredibly strange series of events were very supernatural and, at the end of the first game, it appeared things would be okay.

Absent II picks up with the same cast of buddies when they return for the next year of school. Unfortunately, it appears there are still some serious issues going on. If you did play the original game then you’ll find a great deal of improvements in the sequel. For one, there’s an inventory bar in the top of the screen for easy access (instead of needing to open a separate menu). You can also play as one of two lead characters at any time to see their side of the story. The dialog system has also been upgraded with graphical icons for easy access.

Absent II is a retro style point and click adventure game that's crowdfunding on Kickstarter.If you enjoyed 90s era point and click adventure games then Absent II does seem to be up that same alley. Unlike certain other retro revival adventure game campaigns currently on Kickstarter it also has a seriously modest goal. Absent II requires £1,600 (about $2,500) to succeed, which will fund voice actors and the composer.

Track the progress of the Absent II Kickstarter in our Campaign Calendar.

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