Kim Jong Un gets his revenge in Glorious Leader!, now crowdfunding on Kickstarter Glorious Leader! is a 2D sidescroller where you play as Kim Jong Un on his quest to defeat every last bit of the American army. Yep, this is a real video game which will come to fruition with a successful Kickstarter campaign. If it looks or sounds familiar that’s probably because you did stumble across it before. Earlier this year, the developer got quite a bit of attention over its satirical video game. With that said, this is the very first crowdfunding campaign for the game. As with so many 2D shooters you’ll adventure across multiple levels and fight all manner of baddies.

Aside from the very out there theme, there are a few aspects of Glorious Leader! which help distinguish it from your typical genre game. Kim Jong Un comes with a variety of active and passive abilities to utilize during any stage. As their names imply, active abilities are super powerful and are used at the press of a button while passive skills aid you continuously. The pixel art looks nice enough but it’s mostly noteworthy thanks to the super weird juxtaposition of political figures brought into this completely unreal world. For example, seeing the Statue of Liberty with a Terminator-esque face underneath is certainly a strong image!

Kim Jong Un gets his revenge in Glorious Leader!, now crowdfunding on KickstarterUnlike most Kickstarter campaigns, Glorious Leader! barely had to wait at all for Steam Greenlight success. You can thank the massive press it got for that. Will this game have another chance in the spotlight? It certainly must if it intends to make that $55,000 goal.

Track the progress of the Glodrious Leader! Kickstarter in our Campaign Calendar.

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Marcus Estrada


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