[dropcap size=big]2[/dropcap]015 should be an interesting year for fans of post-apocalypse enjoyment. GSC Gameworld has been reactivated, West Games are back to their old tricks, and then there’s the eagerly anticipated ‘The Seed’ from Misery Dev. The folks behind the fantastic STALKER Misery mod have been hard at work on their Kickstarter funded post-apocalyptic rpg/visual novel for some time now, and their in-depth Kickstarter updates have yet to disappoint.

Misery recently announced that some big names are joining The Seed as the interactive novel game enters pre-alpha stage. Last November Misery sent out a call for post-apocalyptic authors, and boy, did some heavyweights answer back.


From England we have Glen Johnson, creator of the bestselling The Sixth Extinction series, as well as dozens of other books.  In addition to being an author, Glen runs Sinuous Mind Books and Red Skull Publishing, which have released a number of great titles.

Next up we have Sean T. Smith, a U.S. based author published by Permuted Press. Objects of Wrath, and Children of Wrath are his first two novels, set in the United States after the next world war.

Also joining the Misery team are some rising stars of post-apocalyptic literature, including Wilbert Stanton whose post-apocalyptic Young Adult novel The Artful has received positive reviews on Amazon. Next up is New Zealand author John Harper. Fans of classic space trading game Elite will recognize Mr. Harper from his officially licensed novel Elite: And Here The Wheel, arguably one of the best stories set in the Elite universe by fans. Last but not least is Peggy Martinz; her zombie-apoc book State of Decay was interesting enough to picked up by Permuted Press, if you are true post-apoc fan you will know what that means.

According to the most recent Kickstarter update the authors have all signed contracts and have begun working on The Seed.


For those wondering who Misery Dev are, and what The Seed is, some quick background:

The team at Misery is made up of a core group of programmers behind the award winning Stalker mod called STALKER MISERY. Misery launched a Kickstarter last year for The Seed which is essentially a story driven post-apocalyptic video game set in Eastern Europe. Non-Stalker fans will also remember Misery Ltd as being the first to accuse West Game of Areal fame as being scammers, causing West Games to threaten legal action against them, forcing Misery to retract their statements. https://www.facebook.com/MiseryMod/posts/480640962069528 . Of course in the following days and months the Areal scam was exposed for all to see, vindicating the Misery Dev team.

If you’re interested in learning more about the team at Misery and The Seed be sure to check out our previous coverage, as well as the games’ official website. Even if you are not a post-apocalyptic fan you’ll likely appreciate the digitization of Choose Your Own Adventure novels that is being attempted here.

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