Board game fans may be familiar with Richard Launius as he created a little game by the name of Arkham Horror. His newest creation is Run Fight or Die which has already made its way around to conventions and such. Now’s your chance to get a hold of the title to bring to your next party. The Kickstarter campaign for Run Fight or Die is for a massive box that collects every aspect of the game together for new players.

This includes the base game(which was previously Kickstarted), three existing expansions (horde, 5/6 player, and co-op), and the newest expansion titled Running Late But We’re Worth it. All of this comes packaged in the “Big Box” and is available at the pledge tier of $99. As with most campaigns, you can of course spend a bit more money to tweak rewards. A few backer exclusive goodies are offered at the $115 reward which includes some new characters, two minifigures, and new locations.

Run, Fight or Die! is a frantic zombie game that pits each player against their own personal groups of zombies, and its on Kickstarter.

How do you play Run Fight or Die? Much like all zombie games you’ve got to survive as long as humanly possible. In this game specifically, your goal is to collect five characters for your team of survivors. Once someone achieves this, or one player dies, then the game ends. From there everyone must tally their points to see who has the most and therefore wins. A game of Run Fight or Die typically lasts between 30 and 60 minutes. As of this writing the campaign is killing it, having raised $30k of a $15k goal.

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