Do you wish to explore space and colonize all the planets you might come across? Well, unfortunately that’s not something most of us will ever be able to experience… But thankfully we’ve got video games to live out these fantasies in! Case in point, Lacuna is a Kickstarter project that has that exact concept. Players get to explore in space, land on planets, and colonize new planets. Of course, you’ve got multiple methods to utilize: be a diplomat, be outrageously aggressive, or perhaps a different tactic all together. Aggressive players will have to fight the aliens who live there in order to succeed!

Lacuna is an open world exploration and building game that's crowdfunding on Kickstarter.Lacuna already offers a variety of gameplay features such as: spaceship customization, tech tree to unlock new items, weather systems, multiple weapons and buildings, and – best of all (?) – a “giant killer robot of death!” Although the weather system is in there it only includes rain at the moment. In any case, your travel to different planets may yield unexpected results too.

Lacuna is an open world exploration and building game that's crowdfunding on Kickstarter.Although you may wish to play a calm, thoughtful character the aliens there may react with distress and violence upon your arrival. One odd intended feature is that of procedurally generated pixel art. There are a few games out there which utilize similar features but it’s still a bit curious. The pixel art in general displayed in Lacuna is nice enough, but developer Harry Roper really should showcase it more with actual screenshots on the campaign page! This campaign requires £6,600 (about $10,000) to succeed. There’s no Greenlight page at the moment but we’ll add a link if it crops up soon.

Track the progress of the Lacuna Kickstarter in our Campaign Calendar.

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