Blackwood Manor is a place which was once filled with the Blackwood family conducting their mad and magical experiments. One of the family members, Abigail, died some 40 years ago. However, for reasons unknown she has risen again as a spirit. By now it appears that no one lives in the Manor – but what really happened here? As Abigail, players will explore the building (as well as nearby locations) to try and uncover the story of what occurred over the years she was away and what awoke her spirit. This is Goetia’s story hook – and it’s a good one.


The game is a point and click adventure with some unique aspects. As you are controlling a ghost, there’s no reason at all to worry about barriers such as ceilings, walls, or locked doors. You can simply fly right through them due to a complete lack of physical body. Exploring where you want and solving puzzles in the order you see fit differentiates Goetia from more standard point and click games. However, without a tangible body you also lack the infinitely large pockets of most adventure protagonists.


There are times you definitely do need to utilize an item on something else, though. At such moments you must abide by the laws of the living by not flying through walls with a solid object in tow. Still, it seems like only a temporary disturbance that will add in some more standard puzzle mechanics. Goetia requires $30,000 in funding for a Windows and Mac release.

Marcus Estrada
Marcus is a fellow with a love for video games, horror, and Japanese food. When he’s not writing about games for a multitude of sites, he’s usually still playing one. Writing about video games is something he hopes to continue doing for many years to come.
Marcus Estrada