Back in Kickstarter’s “gold rush” period, veteran developer Obsidian Entertainment took to the crowdfunding site with something called Project Eternity. Fans turned out in droves, eventually pushing funding to nearly $4 million dollars. This was a tremendous success for everyone involved and allowed the developers to get straight to work on their awesome new game. Now in 2015 the game, now known as Pillars of Eternity, is almost ready!

Pillars of Eternity is an RPG that was funded on Kickstarter and is going to be released soon.

In a public Kickstarter post last week Obsidian Entertainment revealed their launch date as March 26th. This is all very exciting and all but fans have already waited over two years! If you simply cannot wait any longer – and happen to live in or around Texas – then you may get to satiate your need for Pillars of Eternity by taking a trip to PAX South in San Antonio, TX. A panel creatively titled “Pillars of Eternity with Obsidian Entertainment” will occur this weekend (Saturday the 24th) and be about an hour long. Notable folks such as Chris Avellone and Brandon Adler will be there ready to answer fan questions. They’ll also show off a preview of the title!


If this is anything like other conventions then it’s very likely that the entire event will be recorded and shared via video later (if not immediately via Twitch streaming). In any case, those lucky fans already set to attend PAX South should get an early seat because this panel is likely to be packed. The convention runs from January 23rd to 25th and many crowdfunding-related titles are set to be on display.

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Marcus Estrada


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