Board gaming and crowdfunding games are probably very familiar with MAGE Company. Since they joined Kickstarter at the start of 2013 almost all of their projects have succeeded. With 18 under their belt, they’re still cranking out new stuff! In March 2014 they funded Hoyuk, a tile-based settlement board game set some 10,000 years in the past. It more than doubled the funding goal of $15,000 which proves a lot of folks were into the concept. As such, it makes sense they’re revisiting the game now with a brand new expansion titled Anatolia.

Hoyuk : Anatolia is an expansion for the popular board game Hoyuk that's crowdfunding on Kickstarter

Hoyuk: Anatolia is not a standalone product and requires the base game to play. With that said, it brings some interesting twists to gameplay. This is because it brings about new “achievements” which are predicated on new rules and choices. Even if you do play with the expansion one gameplay session isn’t expected to go too much longer, as actions per turn remain the same. You’ve just got to change your decisions to keep Anatolia’s content in mind. In the base game of Hoyuk it is also difficult to reach a score of 100. However, MAGE Company had this in mind from the start. By adding expansion packs players will be able to accumulate more Victory Points than before.

Hoyuk : Anatolia is an expansion for the popular board game Hoyuk that's crowdfunding on Kickstarter

Anatolia includes the following within its box: 10 progress counters, 10 wooden artifacts, rulebook, 24 fest tokens, 25 drop counters, and one progress board. Again, you need to own Hoyuk in order to play this expansion. Pledging $25 grants backers the expansion but of course higher tiers include both the base game and expansion. Interested parties should keep an eye on their stretch goals because the $8,000 funding goal is taken care of.

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