Eridanus Wars is a space sim that's for use with the Oculus Rift.What’s hot right now in the crowdfunding world? Space exploration games, space shooters, and everything to do with the multitude of galaxies out there! Certain campaigns have made immense amounts of money pre-release, and to be honest, it’s unlikely they’ll be able to meet the exponentially-increasing expectations. That’s why more independent endeavors are worth exploring. One campaign that just launched on Kickstarter is Eridanus Wars by StellarVR. Well, technically the page calls it “Eridanus Wars Beta” but we’ll get to what exactly that means in a bit.

The basics of this game are not too dissimilar from what everyone seems to want in space games at the moment. You’ll spend a lot of time engaged in frantic dogfights, gathering resources, and checking out online aspects such as in ship co-op. Of course, you can also fight against enemy players in these large-scale battles too. Then there’s the Oculus Rift support which is basically a given at this point in the space simulator genre. Please note that this support translates to a Rift being required to play! With that said, this is also the reason the Kickstarter campaign is funding for a “beta” release of Eridanus Wars.

Eridanus Wars is a space sim that's for use with the Oculus Rift.If you don’t follow the Oculus Rift world then you may not be aware that it isn’t actually “out” yet. Sure, tons of people have them already but these are development kits made for, well, developers. The consumer unit has yet to launch and will likely be different enough to require modification of all games which currently run on DK2. Eridanus Wars is targeting a beta which will run on the current Rift, but of course there’s no ability to really release a “final” build on non-final hardware. In any case, you can pledge toward their campaign which is asking for £6,000 (about $9,000).

Track the progress of the Eridanus Wars Kickstarter in our Campaign Calendar.

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