Two things which people regularly define as relaxing are sailing and fishing. There’s just something about the serene quality of sitting and enjoying nature for hours on end. In the world of CatFish you are free to explore the vast oceans and sail where you desire. Unlike reality, there’s also no limit on where and when you can fish. Oh, and one more thing, you also happen to be an adorable bipedal cat. This is probably the cutest Kickstarter campaign so far this year (or maybe I’m biased as a cat owner!).

CatFish is an open world fishing game, with cats.  It's crowdfunding on Kickstarter until February 10th.

CatFish offers cel-shaded visuals which are part of the adorableness factor. The entire ocean, your ship, and even the fish have a definite cartoon flair about them. Well, the fish are probably the goofiest bit as they in no way reflect reality. Some fish might seem normal but then you’ll run into skeleton fish and even bomb-shaped fish which explode. To go with this unrealistic depiction of marine life your cat protagonist will also have access to a range of unique items to catch fish with. These include things like “canned tornados” which pop out a small tornado when desired.

CatFish is an open world fishing game, with cats. It's crowdfunding on Kickstarter until February 10th.

With the vast environment and variety of fish you’re really invited to play however you see fit. Each playthrough also offers a different mixup of world biomes, meaning you’ll get a new version of the world to explore too. CatFish has a little over a week left to go and developer Hamhock Games needs help reaching their $6,000 goal. It’s almost there so consider backing or upvoting it on Steam Greenlight.

Track the progress of the CatFish Kickstarter in our Campaign Calendar.

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