It all begins when a group of scientists are invited to explore Neptune’s moon Triton in Neptune, Have Mercy. The team, along with military and other specialists, board a submarine and begin their exploration. As the name implies, this journey is anything but safe and that poor submarine will have to deal with the many dangers lurking within the ocean. It’s a great hook that sounds even better when you hear that gameplay compared to a combination of Ecco the Dolphin, FTL, Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet, and Metroid.

Neptune Have Mercy is a new submarine based roguelike that's crowdfunding on Kickstarter.

There are three main tenants to Neptune, Have Mercy. You must explore the procedurally generated underwater landscape, customize your submarine by crafting materials sourced from the environment, and engage in combat with the multitude of dangerous creatures you’ll come across. With a stronger ship and better tools you’ll be able to keep diving deeper – and hopefully survive encounters against terrifying alien monsters. Beyond simple exploration there’s also your crew to attend to who offer quests. This gives you locations to shoot for and completing their quests will unlock goodies such as new crafting recipes.

Neptune Have Mercy is a new submarine based roguelike that's crowdfunding on Kickstarter.

Neptune, Have Mercy seems to have a solid foundation as far as gameplay is concerned. The visuals also make a statement with their subdued, unique color tone. Pinks, purples, and blues are not common colors in Earth’s natural environment and as such help Triton stand out as a truly alien landscape. Developer Octopodo is asking for $20,000 CAD (about $15,900) via Kickstarter. If you’d love to play the game on Windows, Mac, or Linux consider backing or giving it an upvote on Steam Greenlight.

Track the progress of the Neptune Have Mercy Kickstarter in our Campaign Calendar.

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