Do you recall which was one of the first few games to usher the concept of “rogulike” back to the forefront of gaming? FTL: Faster Than Light, of course! Now, imagine a game that in many ways seems based on the many strengths of that title, but replace space ships with pirate ships and instead of being out in space you’re in the middle of the ocean. That’s what Seaworthy promises, and despite being in a pre-alpha state, they’ve already shown off enough to prove they’ve definitely got that FTL vibe going but with some differences as well.

Seaworthy is a strategic single-player pirate adventure roguelike that's funding on Kickstarter.

Here are the basics of Seaworthy: You’re a Captain who has rallied up a crew to dig up some seriously awesome treasure. Unfortunately, after picking it up you get word that this treasure was cursed. Now instead of living that normally dangerous pirate life you’ll have a ton more challenges to deal with. Most of the time these come in the form of random events – many of which are combat-based. Another pirate ship may appear and you’ll need to blast them down before they do the same to your ship. The trailer even gives a hint of some non-human enemy encounters! As Captain there will be a tremendous amount of decisions to make.

Seaworthy is a strategic single-player pirate adventure roguelike that's funding on Kickstarter.

Beyond encounters there’s also a need to deck out the ship, try and keep your crew alive long enough for them to level up, and generally stay afloat. Developer Mildly Competent Games is asking for $44,000 via Kickstarter to make Seaworthy a reality on Windows, Mac, and Linux. If all goes according to plan they’ll release it via Steam Early Access first.

Track the progress of the Seaworthy Kickstarter in our Campaign Calendar.

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